6 Nov

Dealing with Unwanted Junk Mail

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PRIME Secretarial clients often ask us questions relating to ‘junk’ mail. Our Mail Room Operators are only too used to hearing questions such as “Can you stop sending me junk mail?” or “Am I being charged postage on these heavy catalogues?”

I am sure we have all been there….amongst our letters, bills and general correspondence are flyers, adverts, special offers, brochures, magazines and catalogues. The latter often referred to as ‘junk’ mail.

Firstly, one does not attract any more junk mail by using a Mailing Address than you would by using your own address, as there is no public record of our addresses and client list. If you are receiving ‘junk’ mail, it is as a result of you either being mailing lists from past or present services or products you have bought, or perhaps your name is being sourced from lists bought-in by marketing companies.

It is very hard for the Mail Room team at Prime Secretarial to filter out your ‘junk’ mail, as the definition of ’junk’ mail varies from one person to another.

In simple terms, if our Post Room Operators are able to determine from first sight that something is clearly an item of ’junk’ mail, we will not forward this to you as standard. However, if we have to look at something twice or unsure, then it is more than likely going to be sent to you. We’d rather send something on to you for you to decide whether you want it or not, rather than for us to dispose of it, only to find out a few days later, it was the latest copy of a periodical you had paid £4.99 for!.

So why do we get ‘junk’ mail?

Perhaps you have made a purchase from shop or a purchase from a website and have overlooked to tick the very important box indicating that you do not wish to receive special offers or communications or that you do not wish to be contacted by other companies who offer services they think may interest you.

In addition, sometimes your information can be passed onto or sold to third parties if you have not indicated your preference when using a service or making a purchase. Many companies source and buy lists of consumers who have shown an ‘interest’ in a particular service or product, and then bombard you with flyers and marketing material.

It is very often easy to get on to a mailing list, but at least twice as hard to remove yourself.

One way to alleviate this problem is to register yourself FREE with the Mailing Preference Service (MPS). This can be done online here . The MPS can remove your name from up to 95% of Direct Mail lists.

It can take up to 4 months for the Service to have full effect although you should notice a reduction of the mail during this period.

At Prime Secretarial, we do all we can to keep your postage costs as low as possible when forwarding mail, however, no guarantees can be made that some ‘junk’ mail may still filter through to you.


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