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16 Jan

Meeting clients for home-based businesses

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When running a home-based business, what do you do when you need to have a client meeting?. Perhaps you meet them in your home, take them to a cafe or the local bar or perhaps a hotel.

Meeting Clients at Home

Meeting Clients at Home

It depends on how well you know your client. If you have known the client for sometime and have an established relationship, then you (and they!) may feel comfortable about meeting in your home.

Ultimately, if you are going to have a meeting in your home, then check with your client first – are they going to be comfortable meeting you at your private residence?

Meeting a customer at home is only recommended if you have a dedicated working office at your home. Meetings should take place when noone else is around, i.e. kids are at school and everyone else is out of the house, so that you can have a meeting undistracted.  If your office is also your bedroom or lounge, then this is far from ideal to meet or impress any client.

Cafes, Pubs and Coffee Shops can be equally distracting and noisy.

Renting a Meeting Room provides a flexible solution and common ground to meet a client over coffee. Whether it is one-on-one or a small conference or focus group, Meeting Rooms can be hired by the hour, half or full day.

Our facilities at our York Street and Regent Street offices can accommodate upto 8 people and are conveniently situated in the heart of London.

Meeting Rooms in Central London

Refreshments, projecter, wireless internet facilities are all included and the room can be set-up as you wish befoe your client arrives. We can even change the plaque and intercom on the door for you!.

A Meeting Room in London provides a professional touch to your business – the next time you need to have a client meeting, why not get in touch.

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