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6 Feb

Want to sign up and not computer savvy?

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If you would like to sign-up for a Mailing Address or Postal Service and would prefer to complete a traditional Application Form by hand, you may download them from the links on this page.      We do prefer all applications online – it’s faster, secure and it means we can set you up on the same day!.   We do, however, appreciate that not everybody likes to complete forms and pay online.


Mailing Address Application Form

PO Box Number Application Form


Once you have downloaded and completed the form, you can either scan and email it to or post it to


PRIME Secretarial

483 Green Lanes


N13 4BS


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2 Nov

4 differences between a Royal Mail PO Box and an Accommodation Address

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Prospective clients often compare our services to the traditional Royal Mail P O Box service. We are very often asked what are the differences between a Royal Mail P O Box and an Accommodation Address and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each. By Accommodation Address, we mean our Street Address / Virtual Office address for business or private use. A Royal Mail PO Box and an Accommodation Address are very different services and to enable prospective clients to have a clear understanding on how the services differ, we have compiled a summary of the differences in the key areas you should be looking at when considering taking out an Address service.

1. Location

Royal Mail: A Royal Mail P O Box can only be rented in the same area where you live or work. For example, if you live or have your office in London NW1, then your Royal Mail P O Box would also have a London NW1 postcode. If you moved out of the area, then you would have to change your box number and postcode.

Accommodation Address: With both our Accommodation/Street Address and PO Box services, you can be located anywhere in the world and still use one of our addresses. For example, perhaps you have a business in Manchester , but you want a London address to target a different market. You may want to retain a UK address because you are emigrating. This is all possible with our Accommodation Address service.

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